The man and the water

The man and the water

The man and the water

The development of civilization and the presence of water constitute a parallel never interrupted and made inseparable from total interdependence. Man has always thought, designed and implemented his movements according to the availability of water, to the point that the dominant and more durable civilizations have made water the subject of study and work to be often prepared for all the others.
In this sense the Romans were an incredibly enlightening example. If the vastness of their conquests was due to having invented the most perfect war machine of antiquity, the legion, the duration of their empire was due to the fact that they were the only ones, without predecessors and without - unfortunately - heirs, to realize everywhere structures, characterized by the maximum duration apt to bring water into the inhabited centers from sources distant kilometers, to distribute it into the inhabited areas, to store it in artificial basins in the regions with low precipitations, to heat it to feed public baths.
Few other civilizations came to this, but nevertheless the water has never ceased to be a co-star in any adventure of which man has become a protagonist.

Man has asked and asks for water, and this has never ceased, from the beginning to today, to be the element that covers almost all human needs. To quench one's thirst, to cook food, to live cleanly, to heal oneself, to irrigate crops, to extinguish fires, to build masonry, to move machines, to produce energy, to work metals and any other material, even to navigate, etc. primordial needs have come to a degree of diversification, an unimaginable time: today we even come to select the type of water according to the necessary health care and even taste.

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With its mineral and low-mineralized pure source mountain water, Bracca has been guaranteeing health and well-being since 1907, a natural heritage that the company has continuously striven to defend and develop. Constantly updated systems at the cutting edge of technology allow the superb qualities of the water to remain the same.

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